Guglielmo Bucchino - trumpeter,composer, visual artist, sculptor and art  collector


GUGLIELMO BUCCHINO - trumpeter, composer, visual artist and art collector

Ich bin ein freischaffender Trompeter, Komponist, Visueller Künstler  und Kunstsammler. 

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You are reading this I'm happy that you made the way to listen to my music and to see my art.
Welcome to everybody and thanks for listening and supporting GUGLIELMO BUCCHINO MUSIC and ART.

GUGLIELMO BUCCHINO- trumpeter, composer, conductor, producer, visual artist and sculptor.
Biography: Guglielmo Bucchino was born in Catanzaro,Italy on August 24,1961. with two year his parents moved to Germany, there he lived and started with the age of 11 to play trumpet with Hans Nigmann and later Prof.Dimitrj Ungureanu and others. At the age of twelve he started to play in Bands .Soon he had his own band in a little village Altensteig,Germany.Later he studied at the university of Freiburg and continued to play in a lot of bands and orchestras.In 1982 he moved to Berlin and there he began to play as professional freelancer in different bands and projects.
Throughout the years he played and gave concerts with a lot of wonderful musicians. Some of them: abdul corr,(gambia)bernhard gauss,joe di carlo,tony hurdle, rudy stevenson,lenjes robinson,(U.S.A)uli lenz, armando chuh ,(Brasil) gerd kaulard,sergej kurjochin,(Russia),Stephan Zimmermann,Axel Dorner, jose simeon,(Brasil)raviindra,(Germany)shankar lal,(India) boris raehme,abdourahmane diop,(Senegal) arenor anuku,(Nigeria)prabhudeva,manfred gruber,franz albinger,joerg sieghart,thomas koch,(Germany),abdourahmane diop,samba sock(Senegal) albert mangelsdorff,werner englert,samba sock, chuck henderson,(U.S.A)soulayman toure,(Senegal)nils tannert,keith hansen, (Jamaica)bernd daeumchen,bernd dieterich,werner englert, manfred gruber,thomas mueller,guillerme jr.,(Brasil).and much more.
He gave concerts in Germany,Italy, Switzerland, France, England and China. There are some special events : in 1987 he played with abdul corr and his band saraba in wembley concert house London and it was amazingly; or in 1994 he gave a concert with the russian pianist sergej kurjochin and it was broadcasted by orb ,berlin and the arte televison did the interviewing. sure he played in a lot of bands and he also recorded with them cds:the butler,livin spirit,beija flor,infrarot,albert jones ,saraba. and much more ,he did also different recording as studio trumpeter for movie (tatort)(edgar wallace) and others. in 1997 he recorded his debut cd hermetics true desperados and it was broadcasted by orb,deutschland funk,mdr,jazz radio berlin,rbb,swf and his music was also used for movies in tv.(arte,vox in Germany). in the same time he founded his own t.a.s_ trumpet art school for teaching more jazz improvisation and he wrote a lot of pieces for 1,2,3,4, trumpet. in 2004 he founded his own label with his partner joerg bohlmann in Berlin.
since 2005 he is living here in beijing china and it is another new world, this is also the name of his new band .2007 he had his first exibition with his minimal animals sculptures in SONG ZHUANG,BEIJING at The Rebueno Gallery /-2006-2008 he was teaching bandcoaching and improvisation at midi school of music beijing . -since oct.2008 he is also teaching at Contemporary Academy of Music Beijing. bandcoaching(Rock,Funk,Latin,Blues,Jazz,Fusion),trumpet,improvisation and he is also leader/conductor of the CMA Big Band. Since sept.2009 he is also teaching Jazz Trumpet and more at the ARTS and SPORTS College of the TIANJIN University.2008 he started to play with his new band GUGLIELMO BUCCHINOs ANOTHER NEW WORLD ! 2008 he played with his TRIO at SHUI MU ART SPACE 798; 2009 he played with the CMA Big BAND at the PALM EXIBITION 2009 BEIJING,CHINA;From 2008 -2010 he teached at Contempoary Academy of Music Beijing Jazz Trumpet,Improvisation,Bandcoaching,Jazz Vocal Ensemble and conducting the CMA Jazz Big Band.
His band is available as TRIO,QUARTETT,QUINTETT and OCTETT and as a Big Band! You can also participate as a private student with Guglielmo Bucchino he is teaching trumpet from classic to jazz ,and Improvisation and Composition /Midi!!!--get private lessons by GUGLIELMO BUCCHINO .Since 2011 back in Germany and since sept .2011 teaching also at Music Academy Stuttgart and private lessons !
2015 starting to play Solo Improvisations and coaching Big Band etc;
2018 married my wonderful wife Kerstin Bucchino .2018  started my online collection gallery with chinese masterworks.Differnt exhibition with my private artcollection in Essen Frank Schlag Galerie 2018/ in Beijing, China Being 3 Gallery 11/2020  and other places. Since one year it is Corona time and the wolrd has changed.

2023  everything is back and we see what it will be. " The beginning is always today."

chinese biography:
古里埃木 布契诺音乐简历 爵士小号--指挥--作曲--教学 古里埃木 布契诺1961年出生于意大利catanzaro 1963年随父母迁居德国黑森州altensteig 1971-1974年开始跟随dr .wieber教授, 接受古典唱法训练。为克里斯多夫唱诗班成员。 1972-1977年开始跟随hans nigmann 学习古典小号。之后做为首席小号随stadtkapelle altensreig吹奏乐团在德国和法国进行巡演。 1974年组建爵士乐队hui buh。 1975年该乐队获bayreuther festspiele 音乐节爵士乐节第一名。 1977-1979 跟随罗马尼亚布加勒斯特交响乐团首席小号教授 prof.dimitrj ungureanu学习古典小号。 1981-1985年就读于德国福莱堡大学音乐理论系。获音乐硕士学位。 1982-1985年为 free dig big band 爵士放克乐队成员。多次参加德国 balver jazzfestival等爵士音乐节。 1984年在著名录音棚 tonstudio bauer,ludwigsburg录制专辑free dig big band, tribute to the beatles, 马尔斯 戴维斯也曾在此录音。 出版社jeton。 1986-2005年迁居德国柏林--创建乐队maguma, hermetics. 主要参加演出乐队: 大乐队mm – big band --非洲乐队saraba, the butlers, clowns on fire, ufo horns, 美国乐队guardians ot the groove, 牙买加乐队 livin spirits, animation, peak 11, 巴西乐队beija flor – blumen kuesser, 美国乐队 rudy stevenson band, 非洲乐队albert jones band, the soulband, infrarot, undergroove, 莫斯科乐队 sergej kurjochin band, bucchino/gruber duo,maguma, hermetics及其他德国乐队。 主要同台演出音乐人-- Werner Englert, Albert Mangelsdorff, Manfred Gruber, Raviindra, Shankar Lal, Chuck Henderson, Bernd Dieterich, Abdul Corr, Keith Hansen, Adruma Victoria, Bernd Daeumchen, Franz Ufo Albinger, Joe Dicarlo,Burkhard Diehr, Desny Bailey, Dirk Strathof, Lenjes Robinson, Uli Lenz, Rudy Stevensen, Fuasi Abdul Kaliq, Tony Hurdle, Boris Raehme, Arenor Anuku, Prabhudeva, Jose Simeon, Abdourahmane Diop, Samba Sock, Sergej Kurjochin, Gerd Kaulert, Armando Chuh, Thomas Hopf, Markus Jungbauer, Nils Tannert, Craig Burton, Georg Pfister, Guillerme jr.,Thomas Koch, Masis Arakelian, Uli Wagner, Thomas Mueller, Hannes Maczey, Veronika Vogel, Joerg Sieghart,Haymo Doerk,Helmut Bruger… Cd productions selection:出版音乐专辑-- -Free dig big band , tribute to the beatles, 1984 -Saraba live in London ,England Wembley Concert House 1988 -Livin spirits , Free the children 1990 -Bucchino/Gruber ,intuition, 1990 -Infrarot 1993 -Albert Jones 1992 -Instrumental music collection ,raviindra 1993 -Blumenkuesser,move o pe 1994 -Sergej Kurjochin Band live concert in berlin ,podevil –live broadcasted by radio orb1994. -Guglielmo Bucchino Maguma , faces live at martha church berlin 1990-1995 -Guglielmo Bucchino Hermetics, true desperados 1997 -Jassa Mariano , chegada global 1998 -Universe Guglielmo Bucchino feat. Mark Klemens 2001 -bohlmann – bucchino roject, Sunday 2003 -Premier Voyage 2004 ,joerg bohlmann I worked also as trumpeter at traumton studios berlin and other studios for cd production and for film music:为电影电视创作的音乐-- -film, Tatort -film, Edgar Wallace 1998年初次来中国被邀请到合肥安徽大学艺术学院讲学--介绍爵士蓝调音乐史并与中国音乐家合作演出他为合肥创作的爵士曲目*合肥蓝调* 。安徽电视台给于了相关报道。 2002 年合肥中国科技大学现代艺术中心个人演奏会。 2003年与合作伙伴J.BOHLMANN成立音乐出版社 2005年9月迁居北京。 2006年至今任北京迷迪音乐学校合奏指挥主任讲师。 自上世纪90年代以来创作众多爵士乐曲目--其中多首曲目在德国电视台mdr--arte, vox,广播电台jazz radio berlin, orb, wdr, deutschland funk, swf, rrb. 德国音乐家创作保护协会会员。GEMA 主要演出地--东西德国--法国--意大利--英国--中国。

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 Enjoy all and thank you. 

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